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Piaseczno z Trze

2014 Chestnut Polish Arabian Stallion, 152cm
Born 22.06.2014, now at age M Layouts / raitatossu.net/mayflower
Registered at VRL - VH14-003-0355
Breeder Stajnia Trzebielino
Owned by Shannon. (VRL-05645), Majorithy Arabians
Discipline 2nd Level Dressage, Helppo A

AHAC points 0, no merits so far

Greatest Achievements


sire Powaznie
chestnut polish arabian, 152cm
Kalisz Kalwaria
Paski Osiaka Ozarow
dam Mimikra
bay polish arabian, 152cm
Antomi Kazimierz
Władysława Wielisław

Breeding info

This horse hasn't been bred yet.


Competing records

KRJ, sijoituksia yhteensä 0, joista voittoja 0


Basic Scores
Breed Type & General Conformation: 94%
Shoulder & Withers: 58%
Topline & Quarters: 54%
Front Legs: 41%
Correctness of Movement: 89%
Carriage & Elasticity: 43%

Dressage Potential (based on parents)
Maximum Level: Fourth Level (81%)
Maximum Circuit: International (77%)

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