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Marah Nour al Najya +

2014 Bay Straight Egyptian Arabian Mare, 154cm
Born 21.11.2014, now at age M Layouts / raitatossu.net/mayflower
Registered at VRL - VH15-003-0098
Breeder Calla, al Najya
Owned by Shannon. (VRL-05645), Majorithy Arabians
Competing in 2nd Level Dressage, Helppo A

AHAC points 224, Legion of Honor

Greatest Achievements

Emerald Egyptian Event, Champion Classic Head Filly
Austrian National Championships, Champion Classic Head Filly

AHAC, CH, 2018 AHAC Egyptian Classic Cup, Second Level Dressage Test I
AHAC, Ch, Emerald Egyptian Event, Classic Head Fillies
AHAC, Ch, AHAC Austrian National Championships, Classic Head Fillies
AHAC, RCH, 2018 AHAC Nereus Egypt Meet II, Seven Year Old Mares
AHAC, RCH, 2018 AHAC Emerald Egyptian Event, Second Level Dressage Test III
AHAC, RCh, AHAC Merrist Wood, Classic Head Fillies


sire Hakem al Taj++++
grey straight egyptian arabian, 149cm, KTK-II, YLA1
Anis al Taj
straight egyptian arabian
Durrah al Taj
Furat EEA
straight egyptian arabian
Al Tayyib
Farhah EEA
dam Imperial Makaarim++++
bay straight egyptian arabian, 148cm
Imperial Ares
straight egyptian arabian
Jabbaar Al Adeed
Sultaana Halimas
Imperial Saghira
straight egyptian arabian
Waseem Ibn Ibn Hadban
Imperial Amer Bellisima

Breeding info

2015 filly Mar'taba al Najya (sired by ?), owned by Calla
2015 colt Saheeb Ibn In'am al Najya (sired by ?), owned by Calla

Competing records

KRJ, sijoituksia 0, joista voittoja 0


Basic Scores
Breed Type & General Conformation: 81%
Shoulder & Withers: 66%
Topline & Quarters: 78%
Front Legs: 56%
Correctness of Movement: 68%
Carriage & Elasticity: 74%
Free Jumping: 90%

Dressage Potential (based on parents)
Maximum Level: 3rd Level (88%)
Maximum Circuit: International (86%)

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