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2018 Bay Spotted Blanket Araloosa (ox 96,88%) Stallion, 154cm
Born 17.04.2018, now at age M Layouts / raitatossu.net/mayflower
Registered at VRL - VH18-178-0001
Bred by Pölhö, Zen
Owner Shannon. (VRL-05645), Majorithy Arabians
Discipline Show Jumping & Dressage

AHAC points 0, no merits so far
ASSA points 0, no merits so far

Greatest Achievements


sire Harr Shahzad
bay domestic arabian, 156cm
VIP MVA Fn Harr Shabt
bay domestic arabian, 157cm, ktk-I
Abd-al-Rashid ox
In'am ox
Fn Shahrmee
grey straight egyptian, 149cm, ktk-II
Shahri ox
Daisy Bint Cora ox
dam VIP MVA Fn Classic Orchid
grey spotted blanket araloosa, 150cm, PKK-V, KTK-II
Classic Madara
dappled bay straight egyptian, 158cm
Millenium Falco ox
Remember Me ox
Fn Firelily
chestnut dappled blanket araloosa, 147cm, ERJ-I, ktk-II
Picture Perfect rist.
Nazhdet ox

Breeding info

This horse hasn't been bred yet.


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