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Dariusz MJA

2017 Bay Polish Arabian Stallion, 153cm
Born 20.05.2017, now at age M Layouts / raitatossu.net/mayflower
Registered at VRL - VH18-003-0086
Bred and owned by Shannon. (VRL-05645), Majorithy Arabians
Discipline hunters

AHAC points 0, no merits so far
RHLA Superior Grade 77,778 %

Greatest Achievements


sire BT Dziewulski ++++//
grey polish arabian, 152cm
BT Ekdariusz +/+/+
grey polish arabian
*Census +/+/+
bay polish arabian
BT Erykah ++++//
grey polish arabian
BT Dziewanowski +/+/+
grey polish arabian
BT Bukowski +/+/+
chestnut polish arabian
Dzeckja +/+/+
grey polish arabian
dam Ganiya +/+/+
bay polish arabian, 152cm
Premysl M
bay polish arabian
Fhantasy Ovation++++//
bay polish arabian
chestnut polish arabian
D Gracja+/+/+
grey polish arabian
black polish arabian

Breeding info

This horse hasn't been bred yet.


Competing Records

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