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MJA Prometheus

2016 Chestnut NSH Stallion (ox 75%), 163cm
Born 09.06.2016, now at age M Layouts / raitatossu.net/mayflower
Registered at VRL - VH18-078-0005
Bred and owned by Shannon. (VRL-05645), Majorithy Arabians
Discipline Saddleseat, Five Gaited

ASSA points 0, no merits so far

Greatest Achievements


sire RWR Spookish Paradox
black roan saddlebred, 158cm
black roan saddlebred, 163cm
Doom Desire
Smoke Screen
Déja Vu
grey straight egyptian arabian, 152cm, YLA2
Chief of Sky
Delillah Montaques
dam NCh. Bahiya al Nadah+//
chestnut straight russian arabian, 150cm
Misha Rayhaad
bay straightrussian arabian, 152cm
Cayaan el Fara
Laver Galija
Bazilah al Nadah
chestnut straightrussian arabian, 148cm
Malik Fareem

Breeding info

This horse hasn't been bred yet.


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